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FIntech Ecosystem

FIntech is a vast Domain and it is further categorized Into various sub Domains. The 2008 Financial Crisis led to FIntech innovations comprising of eFinance, InterNet, Social 
Networking and analytics. FIntech startups started making a niche for themselves by offering data-driven solutions, innovative work culture and personalized services which differentiated them from traditional firms.

The Examples will Explains about the FIntech Ecosystem with all the users involved and what they do.

What's the most Interesting startup right now that few people are talking about?

FIntech Startup: What are Interesting banking, e-money, prepaid card, payment, low-cost index fund investment, "Vanguard-look-alike" companies...

Payment Business Model: This is the least complex model that involves digital payments at lower costs. Payment Business Model is the fastest to be adapted among other models. The 
primary reasons are simplicity, lower costs and instant transaction activity. Paytm is a great example for digital payment startup that became huge over a short time period.

Wealth Management Business Model: Wealth Management Model automates wealth Financial advisory with its robo-Advisors (Intelligent machines made through artificial 
Intelligence) that work according to algorithms that comes up with a suggestion including the right mix of assets on the basis of customer’s investment preferences.
Crowdfunding Business Model: In this model, moderating organization lets the supporters to access all the data about different initiatives and funding opportunities for development of 
products and services. Crowdfunding model can further have different types of models such as rewards-based crowdfunding, donation-based crowdfunding, and equity-based crowdfunding (there are many but these are the three most popular ones).
Lending Business Model: Another big trend in FIntech is P2P lending. It can be Peer-to-Peer customer lending or Peer-to-Peer business lending depending upon the parties involved in it. Individuals or organizations can borrow or lend money between each other. People often opt this over loans because of low Interest rates and direct lending process. FIntech ompanies do not provide the money themselves but they 
connect the right lenders with the right borrowers by charging a small fee. Pretty simple and fair.

Capital Market Business Model: The other best performing 

FIntech area in capital market is foreign currency transactions. 
This area had been dominated by Financial institutions
However with the advent of FIntech companies, costs have become minimum for individuals and enterprises to perform 
foreign currency transactions. It enables users to see all the live pricing and send/receive money in different currencies via their mobile devices securely. Using the popular payment 
methods, FIntech businesses are able to achieve this at much 
lower costs than traditional Financial institutions.
Insurance Services Business Model: InsureTech is another 
business model that is being accepted by customers at a large scale. A direct relationship between customer and insurer is 
established in simple steps. Data Analytics are used for calculation and matching of risk. Customers can avail services o meet their insurance needs. Traditional insurance providers have embraced this model willingly as they are able to expand their data collection and improve their risk analysis at the same time.

Trading & Investing
New automated Financial advisors and wealth management services are beginning to make an impact on the industry. 

Robo-advisors & other startups are utilising sophisticated algorithms to make trading and investing a fully automated online experience. These automated platforms are providing 

users big savings and offering Financial planning services that are normally reserved for wealthy investors. They are also
enabling beginner investors with very small amounts of capital to start investing. Overall - automation threatens to profoundly 
disrupt the investment & trading space, potentially replacing many traditional brokers & advisors with smarter, cheaper & more efficient algorithms. Check out these leading companies -Wealthfront,Betterment, motif, etoro Lending

A new form of P2P banking driven by technology is offering an 

alternative source of Financing. Peer to peer lending platforms 

that use machine learning technologies and algorithms are 

saving individuals & businesses time, money and helping many 

access a line of credit. By utilising technology, peer to peer 

lending platforms are providing borrowers an easy, fast and lower cost service that most banks can’t match. Check out  these leading companies- Lending Club, Prosper, Zopa  Payments New payment technologies are changing the way we do our  banking, transfer money and pay for goods and services. 

Smartphones, contactless NFC technology & the rise of digital transactions are driving faster payments and bringing us closer 
to a completely cashless system. In the near future, you will no longer need a wallet filled with cash, credit or debit cards. The 
only item required to make a payment will be your mobile phone. Check out these leading companies -Venmo, PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, Google Wallet  Personal Finance

A new breed of companies is trying to make personal Finance smarter, more transparent and much more affordable. Mobile apps and online platforms are now helping individuals and businesses develop a budget, Find a loan, file their taxes and invest. They are also using technology to track daily expenditures and help users analyse their Financial situation in 
real time, with the goal of improving Financial security and increasing Financial literacy. Check out these leading companies -Acorns, Learnvest, mInt, nerdwallet, Feexbillguard

Currency Exchange & Remittences

Transferring & exchanging money Internationally is often a 

painful & expensive process. But new currency exchange and 

remittance companies are developing innovative platforms that 

make this process simpler, faster & less expensive. From peer 

to peer currency exchanges that reduce the cost of exchanging 

currencies to mobile phone based money transfers & 

remittance platforms that provide a cost effective way for 

people to transfer small amounts of money overseas. Check 

out these leading companies - Transferwise, Xoom, We Swap, 

World Remit,mPesa.


Equity and crowdfunding platforms are providing alternate 

sources of investment for individuals who want to start a 

business. Online crowdfunding platforms raise money from a 

large number of individuals who collectively fund projects that 

would not typically attract funding from traditional banks & VC 

firms. Check out these leading companies -Kickstarter, 

indiegogo, gofundme

For example, the companies on the Forbes 50 FIntech List for 

2015 were[1] :

Acorns: App links to debit and credit cards, rounds up each 

purchase to nearest dollar, investing extra pennies in a 

portfolio of ETFs.; Irvine California
Addepar, LLC: Develops software for the wealth management 

Adyen: Payment platform system for e-commerce; Amsterdam
Affirm: Finances purchases with instant loans at Interest rates 

of 0% to 30%.; San Francisco
Algomi: Honeycomb bond-trading information system; London
Alphasense: Smart search engine for investment pros spares 

them irrelevant Google search results; San Francisco
Avant: Makes instant online loans of $1,000 to $35,000 to 

average Joes, at 10% to 36% Interest for two to five years; 

BraIntree: Online payments processor for comsumer apps 

including AirBnB and Uber; San Francisco
C2FO: Uses bid system and algorithms to match retailers 

sitting on extra cash with suppliers ready to accept discounts 

for payment within 48 hours.; Fairway, Kansas
Chain: Builds tools to exploit “blockchain” technology 

underlying Bitcoin; San Francisco
CircleUp: Crowdfunding site for new consumer products; San 

Credit Karma: Founded in 2008, provides truly free credit 

scores and credit monitoring to consumers; San Francisco
Digit: Monitors cash flow in your checking account, diverting 

small amounts Into savings; San Francisco
Earnest: ReFinance student debt for young borrowers with 

scanty credit records; San Francisco
EquityZen: Connects employees at pre-IPO companies looking 

to sell stock with prospective buyers; New York City
Estimize: Crowdsourcing corporate-earnings estimates from 

general public; New York City
Fundbox: Crowdsourcing corporate-earnings estimates from 

general public; San Francisco
Fundera: Small-business loan marketplace allows borrowers to 

compare terms from 28 lenders; New York City
Fundrise: Real estate crowdfunding site ; Washington DC
HelloWallet: Sold as employee benefit, links all a worker’s 

bank, credit,savings and investing accounts; Washington DC
IEX: Stock exchange designed to blunt predatory high-

frequency traders’ edge; New York City
Kensho: Combines latest big data and 

learningtechniques to analyze 
how real-world events affect 

markets; Cambridge, Massachusetts
LearnVest: Connects average folks with Financial plans and 

planners on the Web and in the workplace.; New York City
Level Money: Mobile budgeting app; San Francisco
Money.Net:  Provides real-time Financial market data, news, 

messaging and analytics for $95 a month per user; New York 

Motif: Enables investors to design, share and buy themed 

ETF-likeportfolios (Motifs) of up to 30 stocks for $9.95 a 

transaction; San Mateo California
Nav: Gives small-business owners access to their business 

and personal credit scores, help comparing rates from 36 

lenders; San Mateo California
Personal Capital: Offers free dashboard to track and analyze 

all your Finances; Redwood City California
Plaid: Provides tools for other FIntech startups to link bank and 

credit accounts and process transactions; San Francisco
Premise Data: Real-time economic data tracking platform
Prosper: Peer-to-peer lending site; San Francisco
Quantopia: Crowdsources hedge fund by offering quants free 

platform for back-testing their algorithms; Boston
R3CEV: Has signed up 30 banks to joIntly develop projects 

using technology that underlies Bitcoin; New York City
Ripple: Allows banks to transfer funds in any currency in real 

time; San Francisco
Riskalyze: Software helps Financial advisors quantify clients’ 

risk tolerance and build suitable portfolios; Auburn California
Robinhood: Commission-free stock trading app; Palo Alto, 

Simple: Online bank offering no-fee checking and personal 

Finance tools, such as automatic daily saving; Portland 

SoFi: Offers student loan reFinancing, personal loans and 

mortgages to young borrowers with high-end jobs and 

degrees; San Francisco
Stripe: Online and in-app payment platform with easy-to-use 

customer Interface; San Francisco
The Betterment Fund: Robo-advisor with more than 118,000 individual customers, now branching Into 401(k) management; 

New York City
TransferWise: Chops the high fees individuals and small 

businesses pay for International money transfers by (invisibly 

to customers) matching buyers and sellers of each currency; 

TrueAccord: Brings debt collection Into the 21st century by 

using machine learning programs to analyze individual debtor’s 

responses and customize contacts; San Francisco
TrueEx: Electronic Interest rate swaps exchange allows big 

players to make trades anonymously; New York City
Vouch: New Social Network variant on the old concept of loan 

cosigners; San Francisco
Wealthfront: Robo-advisor with nearly $3 billion under 

management; Palo Alto, California
WorldRemit: Phone app for money transfers to Third World; 

Xapo: Stores Bitcoin for wealthy investors on encrypted 

servers scattered across the globe; Palo Alto, California
Xignite: Supplies Financial market data to more than 1,000 

Financial companies for their apps and websites; San Mateo 

Zenefits: Free cloud-based software to help small businesses 

automate payroll and benefits; San Francisco
ZestFinance: Uses unconventional metrics to underwrite loans 

to those with low credit scores or thin credit histories; Los 

KPMG also released a list of 100 "FIntech Innovators"[2] I 

won't list them all here, so feel free to check it out yourself!

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What is FIntech about? What are its advantages?

What are the most Interesting B2B FIntech startups?

What are the most Interesting FIntech business models?

What is great and not so great about Affirm, the FIntech startup?

What type of startups are of the most Interest to investors in FIntech?

What skills do FIntech startups look for the most in prospective hires?

Is FIntech a good industry for startups?
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