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Be an Smart Investor and Earn Passive Income

Be a Smart Investor and Earn Passive Income


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101 Creative and Innovative Ways to Earn Small Money from your Savings. 

All Best Proven Ways To Generate Passive Incomes Through Your Google BlogSpot

Here are  few basic ways in which you can profit from your traffic today:

1. Sell a Product/Service

First, you can sell a product or service to your visitors. This is the best way to cash in from your own product. Usually, an e-book or software works the best and they can be downloaded right away without hassle and shipping charges. Below are some products/services you can sell through your Blogspot:

E-books related to your niche



1:1 Consultation 

Membership to exclusive groups/forums/community


Paid newsletter subscription

Your Blogspot

Another proven way to make money through your Blogspot is to sell your Blogspot to a potential buyer. You can always decide to sell your Blogspot if you don't want to continue with it. There are certain factors which decide how much money you can get by selling your Blogspot:

Your Niche

Your Monetization Models

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Traffic

Blogspot SEO 

Monthly Conversation rate 

Check Empire Flippers to know more about this.

3. Google AdSense

In this case, you use a CPC model (cost per click). You get paid when your visitors click on ads you place on your site. When you signup with google AdSense, Google will put a simple code on your site which will identify your Blogspot niche by tracking your content type and will start showing ads which are relevant to your niche. It is advisable to read Google AdSense terms & conditions before signing up with AdSense. 

Here are some quick tips to get approved by AdSense faster:

Buy a high quality domain (.com, .in, .net, .org etc.)

Don’t  Stick to your one Niche and Create at least 8-10  Categories which are not relevant to your core Niche

Create at least 100-200 Good Blog Posts (2000+ words) before applying for AdSense

Create a simple menu and add a policy page to your menu

4. Offer an advertising space

Targeted niche Blogspots with high traffic can 'rent' a portion of space on their web page to advertisers. For this, you need to have:

Monthly high traffic rate to your Blog/Blogspot

Good but very Simple Design

A Particular Niche

You need to reach out to potential Advertisers with a Media kit/proposal. In this proposal, you need to mention below things:

What is your Blog about

Monthly statistics/data of your Blog (how your Blog is performing over a few months)

Why they should choose you (what is your USP)

Your proposed price (For example, you can charge $100 per month in advertising fees if your web page is pulling more than 10000 visitors a day.)

Your CTA Social Media presence & contact details 

Keep in mind that you must have good negotiation skills in order to bargain for the price. 

Once you land the advertisers, you can manage them with Google Ad manager. 

Other than that, you can also generate advertising revenue using exit pop-ups. By doing this, you won't clutter your Blogspot with too many ads and spoil the visitor's experience.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you don't have your own products for sale yet, you can sell other people's products instead and receive a commission on every sale. With affiliate marketing, you have an unlimited source of products to sell and you don't need to go through any fulfilment issues after your sales. Join an affiliate marketplace like Amazon, Clickbank etc. and register yourself for free. You can review or mention products from these places, and every time someone buys that product through your link, you earn a particular amount of commission. Here are a few tips related to Affiliate Marketing:

Talk about products which are highly relevant to your niche. Don't talk about random products 

You can create high-quality content backlinking to the affiliate products

Update your links on a regular basis as, after a certain period affiliate links get expired

If there is a special offer, grab it

Be very honest while reviewing a product

6. Generate Leads for Others

Instead of earning money from click through, you are paid if your visitors subscribe to another people's mailing list. Alternatively, there are a lot of big companies like Coca-Cola that need surveys to be done, and by referring your visitors to complete surveys, you can also earn good profits from your Blogspot.

So, which monetization models you are going to apply for your Blogspot? Comment below! :) 

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Tera mangal mera mangal prayer

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2 Days Satpura Tour for 3 couples 2 kids 1 infant

9 Guests

23rd June To  25Th June 

Room Stay [ Twin Sharing ] 

3 Couples  

6,000 Per Room Per day 6000x3x2 

3 Meals A Day B/L/D

Total  36000

Extra Kids 

1200 Per day per Kid 1200x2x2 

Total 40,800 [All Incl ] 

3 Couple 3 Jungle Huts

2 Kids    

Infent is Complementery 

Pay Advance Rs 20,000 advance

Balance Rs 20,800 pay at Arrival