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$ 100 Dollars to 100 Thousand Dollars in 3 Years

USD $ 100,000

We Started AeroSoft Corp in Year 2010 with a Small Capital of USD $100
and a Shared office with AsiaticAir Corp. Today in Jan 2014 in 3 Years
Down the Line we are selling AeroSoft Corp in Year 2014 For a New  
Capital of USD $100, 000 [ Yes 100 Thousand US Dollars ] 

This Capital We needs for our new Venture Called

Making Money Online is What Many Entrepreneurs Wants to Learn How to Do So, 
And there are Thousands of Schemes, Scams, and Pie-In-The-Air Formulas
Floating over the Net, but My Success Story is Entirely Different because

We Put our Heart, Mind, Intellect and Soul 
Even to Our Smallest Acts
This is the Secret of AeroSoft Success

In order to easily make $10 to $200 Dollars a Day Online you have to have the Right Information and a Good Sunopsis. Once you have all required Tools in Place, the Income will Follow, Provided you Dedicate a routine of Following certain steps to see it Through. There is no Magic but Yes many Special Tricks that Simply do Everything Automatically.  

Please Remember the failure rate in this Work is more than 90% due to following reasons.

[1] No Synopsis
[2] Slow Speed
[3] Slow Internet Speed
[4] Old PC
[5] Use Mouse Pad not External Mouse
[6] No Innovation or Dedication for Work

How To Make 10 - 200 Dollars A Day  Steps

An Advice; Please Don't let Your Friends or Family Decide You for not Becoming an Internet Professional  Overnight. Again Remember that its the 90-10 Thumb Rule that Applies To This Business Life Online, just as it does in the 'Real World.' Of every 100 Marketers  Trying make Big Money on the Internet, only Less then 10% will really ever Make it Little. The other 90% Try, but Fail due to following Reasons

A. Never Get Right Start 
B. Remain UnFocused
C. Hopping From one Opportunity to Another.
D. Blindly Following Others
E. Not Put Heart, Mind, Intellect and Soul for Work

If you really wana  to be Successful ( Just as in Real Life ) 
You have to practice the 'Power of One' Approach. 
That Means Focus on one thing at a Time, 
Get Really Good at it... then move on. 

Happy Landings ..........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp
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