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How To Apply for Human Resource Manager's Job

How To  Apply for  Human Resource Manager's Job 

Job Title: Human Resource Manager
No.of Openings :  2-4
Education: BE + MBA [ HR ] / PGDM
Freshers  are preferred

Job Description :
We are Looking for a skilled HR manager to oversee all aspects of Human Resources practices and processes.   You will support Business needs and Ensure the proper Implementation of company strategy and Objectives.
The Goal is to Promote Corporate values and Enable Business Success through Human Resources 
Management,  including job Design, Recruitment, performance Management, Training & development, 
Employment cycle changes, Talent management, and facilities Management services.

 Handling end-to-end Recruitment cycle . 
 Joining Formalities of new recruited employees. 
 Responsible for induction and orientation of new joiners. 
 Issuing different type of Letters i.e. Offer, Appointment, Confirmation, Termination etc. 
 Maintaining Employee Database of the Existing Employees. 
 Maintaining Salary,Attendance and leave record of the existing employees. 
 Taking care of Exit policy, Acceptance of Resignation, Termination and Retention for the organization.

HR Manager  :

She has to Maintain the Work structure by updating job Requirements and Job Descriptions for all Positions. Maintains organization staff by establishing a Recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; Counseling Managers on Candidate selection. 

Prepares Employees for Assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and Training programs.

HR Manager need to Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, 
planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.

Skills :
• Highly Motivated, Result oriented.  Ready to Think Out of the Box
• Curious to Explore and Learn new Things 
• Good Communication Skills and optimistic approach during  difficult stituations. 
• Well Organized


Points must be cover in Your  Application as follows:

Section 1: Introduction Bio [ Not a CV]  

Bio Samples : 

Section 2:  Review in Your Words about any 2 Apps or Blogs [ Small Businesses Blogs Start-Ups List ]

Section 3: Turning a Passion for Human Resource into a Profession   [ Optional ] 

Section 4:  Following Details.

- Email : 
- Mobile  No : 
- WhatsApp  : 

All details must be copy paste in eMail Body itself . Kindly do not Attach any Doc file etc. 

Email to,

Small Businesses Blogs Start-Ups  :::  

Think out of the Box 

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