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How to Make Money by Pro Blogging

A Blog is like maintaining a web-based journal or personal organiser in which one can post their thoughts and opinions about any topic on the internet. Blogging has become very trendy because it is easy to create. Nevertheless, the intention of a blogger is not to just create a blog but to create an effective blog that can be turn into cash. A blogger does not only create blog but also knows how to sell the blog. To start with, blogger should be highly motivated to work hard on your blog in order to attract as high a number of readers as possible in the shortest time.
You can build a blog and earn that you enjoy and make money on the side. The trick is choosing the right topic. The right topic can be very profitable. The wrong topic can just be a waste of your time.
The most important thing is to choose a topic you are interested in. If you are passionate about something, even something that seems like it would not make money, your passion will come through. Once you can establish yourself as an authority on your subject, word will spread through the communities of readers and that will generate more interest as time goes by. The skill of a blogger  to sell your blogs or Website is good for the long term success of his blog but also good for its short term growth.
To Build a Blog and Earn, you should be highly motivated to work hard on your blog in order to attract as high a number of readers as possible in the shortest time and then keeping them coming back for more. Use a blog to push products or services that you sell on your blog. Write reviews, true stories and share testimonials from happy customers. You can pre sell potential customers at your blog before sending them to your main site to buy.

While making money through blogs sounds like a very easy job, it actually isn't. Technically, it might be a breeze for most people to whip something up and publish it. However, the most important thing about blogging for money is consistency and perseverance and unless either is present, no effort will be successful.
Blogger Create a Blog to Earn Money on the Internet for Free. Here are the steps to blogging:

  •         Choose a blogging platform
  •         Select a topic for your blog
  •         Write unique content to post
  •        Capture name and email


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Sell Your Blogs online

Sell Your Blogs or Website

Many Web Masters and Bloggers asked us Sites where they can sell Their Blog and Websites, so We thought of making it as Blog Post only.

Here We mentioned few very popular Websites where you can sell your Blog and Websites.

Sell Your Blog 1.  SitePoint Auctions : SitePoint has around 2000 unique visitors, so it is easy to grab opportunities. The buyers expect good Google PR, quality backlinks, unique visitors and moderate revenue. The fee is minimal and the rest in marketing skills, with which you can promote your Blogs easily.
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2. Sedo Auctions : You can list your Blog/Website for sale on Sedo Auctions for free but you have to pay a commission fee of 10% when you get a buyer for your Blog or Website. Sedo lets you sell new and established Blogs with excellent content. You can even promote your domain names.

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3. eBay Website Auctions : One Good thing about eBay auctions is they are generally indexed by the search engines so if your listing has detailed descriptions and appropriate keywords, you can expect buyers through search engines as well. But the bad thing about eBay Website Auction is that you may have to deal with fake and spam bidders. You can list your Blog for free in eBay. eBay also charges a commission from the sale.

4. Digital Point Forum : I’m a active member of Digital Point Forums and I have seen many threads related to it. You can get good exposure of your Blog and also good buyers. This site not only allows you to buy or sell your Blog, but also templates, services, domain, and so on. The best part in Digital Point Forums is that they are absolutely free and their iTrader helps you find reliable, trusted and questionable buyers and sellers.

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5. NamePros : You can use NamePros for buying, selling and discovering premium domain names. At NamePros, you can post your domains for sale or for free appraisals. You can join over 156,998 domain name owners from around the world. They also provide you live chat rooms to discuss with potential buyers and sellers. You have to become a member of NamePros, which is free, and then list your Blog or domain for sale.
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6. Bloggeries : “Bloggeries” is The Human Edited Blog Directory of the Blogosphere. It is one of the fastest growing community of Bloggers. Bloggeries forum lets you sell or buy a Blog, trading, content, templates and many more for free of cost. Here also you need to register and get an account for making use of all these advantages.
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7. Flippa : Flippa is a new Website and also quite impressive one. Because Flippa is designed specially for selling and buying Websites. It is one of the leading marketplaces for Websites. The great thing about this Website is that it is created by a team from SitePoint. Your listing will be featured on the front page of Flippa for a limited period for about $29 and the prices varies accordingly.

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If you know any other Websites, Please do share it in the Comments  !

Another huge aspect of Blogs due to which people have adopted them, 
are their ability to get Crawled by Search Engines Frequently. 
As the posts are updated on Daily basis (sometimes so Many Times in a Day), 
so Search Engines Crawl Blogs so Many Times in a Day in order to fetch new content.

A Good Blog  :

Blogs Provide Good Commenting System 

Blogs Updated Regularly

Posts Appearing in Reverse  Chronological Order

Frequently Crawled by all Search Engines 

Often covers a Wide Variety of Articles

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