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Fresh Content Writers for

Fresh Content Writers  for 
CA / CS / ICWA / MBA [ FIn] 

How can I do Freelance Content Writing on Mutual Funds for

Writer's Job  :::

FinTech Start-Up Partners is founded in 2018.  From Aviation App and Blog based Business Ideas to different types of Successful Corporate and new FinTech Startups and scale-ups and beyond. ... Examples are the Global FinTech Search & Recruitment service. FinTech Start-Ups are Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win and Very Different FinTech Start-Ups. 

Our Blog based Mktg Strategy focuses on partnering with 
great FinTechs who offer best-in-class solutions that are 
important to our customers. We offer FinTechs the possibility of working with us in a number of ways depending on what is the optimal collaboration in each case:

You Can :::

- Use our broad Product Portfolio [ App and Blog] to build new  value-added  Services :
- Increase Scale through our network 
- Utilize our App and Blogs  for a competitive and less  expensive SEO and SMM  
- Use our Organization, skills and local knowledge to build and  optimize your solutions and jointly bring new offerings to online Marketplace;

Our Offerings: 

FinTech Start-Ups are Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win and Very 
Different FinTech Start-Ups. 

Services : 
Credit Card 
Personal Loan 
Home Loan 
Education Loan
Car Loan 
Fixed Deposit
Mutual Fund
Personal Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, Savings Account, Credit Card, NRI Account, FD,   Savings Account, Mutual Fund SIP, Gold Loan, Education Loan
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Content Writers  :::
An Ideal FinTech  Content  Writer is someone who writes  Content  for specialized topics as per reader interest. Writing  Content  is not as easy as simply picking up the keyboard and Starting to write, although it does help in the long run. It requires constant practice and reading to understand that the  Content  written  should be grammatically correct, with the correct words &  Phrases and should be sound 

As Content Writer You Must have:

Excellent command of language Content writers must have an impeccable command of the  language alongside perfect grammar. No one wants to read an  article with broken English (or whatever the language). It takes  away from the immersive quality of the piece. Language style  and the talent to carefully weave words together to create a 
beautiful piece to read is certainly a must-have quality.

2. Strong research skills

Great writers also need to be able to research almost 
everything. They need to know how to pick up on important 
Topics and transfer them to the articles they are writing. They need to be able to read fast and sift through thousands of words to pick out the best information.

3. Innate curiosity
Having a built-in curiosity will help them be more creative and this ensures that the content you are getting from them is as original and super customised for what your business needs.

4. Impeccable proofreading skills
They would need the ability to weed out all possible errors that they have made themselves.

5. Mastering multiple styles
The art of mastering multiple styles and genres is great 
because a content writer needs to be a chameleon and blend into whatever style you need them to write in the ensure that you get the content that your business needs.

6. Originality
This is probably one of the most important factors that make 
for a great content writer. This is tied to their reputation. 
Whatever they churn out needs to be 100 percent original and 
there shouldn’t be any plagiariasm whatsoever.

7. WordPress, SEO and HTLM Knowledge
A great content writer also needs to be knowledgeable when it comes to WordPress, basic HTML knowledge, and they would need to be well-versed in SEO content marketing.

Following Small Businesses Blogs Start-Ups  Where You Can  Apply for Content Writer's Job 

Following Points must be covered in Your  Blog section is as 


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Turning a Passion for Writing into a Profession
Section 3: Conclusion

Are You a  Content  Writer  :::

What are the most interesting FinTech Startups?
Why is FinTech so popular today?
What are the most successful FinTech Startups?
Is there a list of FinTech Startups?
What is the next big thing in FinThech?
What are some FinTech Startups in India?
What are the biggest FinTech trends in 2015?
What are the different types of Fintech?
What are the best FinTech conferences for networking?
Do online FinTech courses help with entering the FinTech 
What are Mutual Funds? How do they work?
How awesome are hedge Fund careers?
How can you describe/explain mutual Funds in the simplest 
way to a person who doesn’t know a thing about investing, 
Are hedge Funds for suckers?
What are the best mutual Funds in India with consistently high returns (8% and more) and a low management fee?
How can I Start a hedge Fund after college?
What are some weird hedge Fund strategies?
In layman’s terms, what is a hedge Fund?
What is the difference between equity Funds, mutual Funds, debt Funds, and liquid Funds?
What are the best mutual Funds to invest in India?

Apply :::

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