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Influencer Marketing

Referral Marketing - 

Study after study has proven that referral marketing is one of the best forms of marketing when it comes to sales and conversions. Simply put, referral marketing, sometimes also called word-of-mouth marketing, is just people purchasing products based on someone else's opinion or influence. It's a powerful marketing channel because people trust the opinions of other people in their lives and people they respect, whether that be family, friends, social media influencers or big stars. 

It makes sense, we regularly get advice from our friends on which TV shows to watch, movies to rent, or restaurant to go to. And, as end consumers ourselves, we wan’t to share our stories, the products we buy and the brands we choose. This becomes magnified when the buying experience and products are 

Referral marketing is the process of leveraging different referral sources such as partners, customers and influencers, to refer target buyers they have a relationship with to your product or service. With referral marketing software, companies can obtain personalized lead generation at scale through both direct and indirect channels.

A method of spontaneously promoting a businesses products and services to new customers by word of mouth. This can happen through a variety of channels such as email, mobile, and social media.

Who Employs Refferel Marketing --

Retail stores

Specialty stores


Automotive service companies

Airports, hotels, and travel agencies


Health clubs and gyms

Doctors, dentists, and health professionals

Brands Of Referral Marketing - 

1. Dropbox’s famous Referral Program

2. PayPal’s referral program

3. Airbnb’s referral program

4. Uber’s referral program

5. Amazon Prime’s referral program

6. Flash sales

7. Accessories & Stationery

8. Designer sneakers

9. Watches & Accessories

10. Sandals & Footwear

11. Dresses

Affiliate Marketing - 

Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing 

others targeting the same audience – “affiliates” – to earn a commission by recommending the product to 

others. At the same time, it makes it possible for affiliates to earn money on product sales without 

creating products of their own.

The cost to the customer purchasing the product or service through an affiliate is the same as buying 

directly from the product owner.

While product owners make less money per sale because they must pay a percentage of the sale to the 

affiliate, they are also reaching potential customers they probably wouldn’t reach on their own.

Affiliates can earn commissions on a one-time purchase or recurring income through sales of 

subscriptions or membership programs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to any online 

product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

#Affiliate #Marketing #Is #One #Of #The #Oldest #Forms #Of #Marketing #Where #In #You #Refer #Someone 

#To #Any #Online #Product #And #When #That #Person #Buys #The #Product #Based #On #Your 

#Recommendation, #You #Receive #A #Commission.

How It Works ---

After being accepted into an affiliate program, marketers receive a unique URL that includes their 

affiliate ID. They share that unique URL with their subscribers, site visitors, and social networks via 

text links or ads. When someone clicks on that link, affiliate software records that click and any 

resulting product sales in the affiliate’s account. When commissions reach a pre-determined threshold, 

the affiliate is paid.

Brands Of Affiliate Marketing--

1. Casino Affiliate Programs


2. Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs


3. Dating Affiliate Programs


4. Forex Affiliate Programs 


5. Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs


6. Finance Affiliate Programs


Best Indian Affiliate Networks and Programs

1. Shaadi Affiliate Program

2. BharatMatrimony Affiliate Program

3. Amazon India Affiliate Program 

4. Flipkart Affiliate Program

5. ShareASale

6. Vertoz 

7. DGM India 

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Affiliate Program #ShareASale #Vertoz #DGM India 

Influencer marketing--

Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have a sway over the things other people buy. This market influence typically stems from an individual's expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an audience of influencers is similar to word of mouth marketing, but it doesn’t rely strictly on explicit recommendations (See also Word-of-Mouth Marketing).

Influence can come from a wide range of places. Any person, group, brand, or place could potentially be an influencer. For example, celebrities are often used to market products because they are highly respected and highly visible. When a celebrity uses a product, the maker of that product gets exposure and the respect that comes from a celebrity endorsement (See also Marketing with Celebrities).

Bloggers have become important influencers because they are seen as authentic and have loyal followings. When a blogger recommends a product it seems more trustworthy than traditional advertising. By using influencers, companies can avoid much of the cynicism and skepticism that is directed at straight forward marketing messages.

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services.

Influencer marketing offers brands the potential to unify their marketing, PR, sales, product, digital marketing, and social media through powerful and relevant relationship-based communication. Both the ROI and marketing potential of influencer marketing are immense.

Brands Of Influencer Marketing

1. Eleve Media

2. Blogmint

3. GetEvangelized

4. BlogAdda 

5. IndiBlogger 

6. Fromote

7. Terareach


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Affiliate Marketing :: FAQ

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No, it is neither harmful nor illegal, as you will simply be using the particular link provided to you rather than a direct link to link to any site.

How do I find new products to promote?

Affiliate marketplaces such as those mentioned above are the best places to start your affiliate marketing research. You can browse your niche and see the top performing affiliate programs.

How much money can one make from affiliate marketing?

As I mentioned above, there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from affiliate programs. It all depends on which program you’re promoting and how many conversion you are making. I started with $47 as my first affiliate income, and now I make almost $4k-5K/month by promoting products which I use every day.

How does affiliate marketing work?

As mentioned before there are three to four parties involved in affiliate marketing: the advertiser, the publisher, the customer and often an affiliate network. The advertiser provides a product or a 
service. He looks for publishers to further distribute his product. The publisher is the party that will advertise for the advertiser. An affiliate network is the intermediary between the advertiser and 
the publisher. These 3 parties with the customer form the basis for affiliate marketing.

Why Is Referral Marketing So Powerful?

1. Precision Targeting

Have you every tried using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads just to watch your money disappear, literally before your eyes? Many times this isn’t the fault of the platform, rather your targeting. A great marketing campaign involves two key components, a great message and laser targeting.

Referral and word-of-mouth marketing tend to be much more targeted because people tend to know their friends and social audiences pretty well. This allows your brand message to spread more effectively than with most other marketing channels. 

2. Trust Factor

Trust goes a long way when it comes to convincing someone to buy something. If we don't trust someone, we aren't going to listen to them. Consider the last time a salesperson you know is on commission tried to sell you something. You likely had doubts about his authenticity due to a lack of trust. With referral marketing though, the sales pitch is usually coming from someone that you either know well, like friends and family, or it's coming from someone you have trust in, like a favorite blogger.

3. Reach and Acceleration

Not long ago, reach of the average reach of a typical consumer was limited. For the most part it was contained to the number of people they saw in person each day or talked o on the phone. In this day 
and age though, the average consumers' reach is much larger and for many people with strong social followings, it can be enormous. Some consumers now have the power to make or break a business by what they say about it online.

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 #Method #Of #Spontaneously #Promoting #A #Businesses #Products #And #Services #To #New #Customers 

#By #Word #Of #Mouth. #This #Can #Happen #Through #A #Variety #Of #Channels #Such #As #Email, #Mobile, 

#And #Social #Media.

#Retail #Stores #Specialty Stores #Restaurants #Automotive Service Companies #Airports, Hotels, And 

Travel Agencies #Banks #Health Clubs And Gyms #Doctors,Dentists,And Health Professionals

#Influencer #Marketing  #The #Process  #Identifying, #Researching, #Engaging #And #Supporting #The #People #Who #Create #High-impact #Conversations #With #Customers #About #Your #Brand, #Products #Or #Services.

#Dropbox’s Famous Referral Program #PayPal’s Referral Program #Airbnb’s Referral Program #Uber’s Referral Program #Amazon Prime’s Referral Program #Flash sales #Accessories & Stationery #Designer Sneakers #Watches & Accessories #Sandals & Footwear #Dresses