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Stress Management Due to CoVid19

Stress Management Due to CoVid19
As the heroes from every corner of the world is having a hard time fighting against the COVID 19, rest of us to show our support and co-operation have locked ourselves into our house. But staying indoors all day may fuel stress and anxiety.
Exposure to sun rays helps calibrate our body’s circadian “clock”, which regulates everything from appetite and sleep schedules to mood and energy levels. As we have restricted ourselves from going out, a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour now. So, how to not be stressed during times like this is an important topic to look over.

At home we do not have much to do and as the saying goes “An idle brain is a devil’s workshop” so some steps that can be taken by us to reduce stress are:

Healthy diet
Have healthy food and have meals at fixed times of the day. Stress affects eating habits. It may vary from person to person, someone may over eat while someone may just not feel like eating at all. Follow the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Make sure your diet consists of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains.

Break from routine
Think of this time as a break from a routine and spend time with family connect with friends on social media. Staying connected at times like these is very important, but make sure you have a limited time for it. This will revive your bonds with each other.

Time for ourselves
You can learn something new from internet and gain knowledge. This time can be utilized to analyse oneself and work upon it. If you have any hobbies which can be practiced indoor then it is great.

Follow a schedule
Get good sleep this will keep you in a peaceful mind, good mood and you will be fresh every day. Even though you are at home, maintain a schedule of getting up on time and sleeping on time. It is very important because when people stay at home, they loose track of their routine which leads to improper habit of sleeping late getting up late having food at any time.
Meditation or yoga is a way in which you can stay healthy and have a peaceful mind. Try something that you never did before but always wanted to do.

Stay updated
Take preventions from being infected by the virus and stay updated from a reliable source. One doesn’t need to panic if they follow all the instructions and take precautions. Help in domestic chores this will keep you busy and help other members of the house.

Our life is not lockdown
Sun is not locked down
  • Be occupied with something
  • Make a new schedule
  • Follow the new schedule
  • Form good habits
Oxygen form air is not locked down
  • Free from daily tensions
  • Hope for end of the bad times
  • Can still be healthy and safe
  • Free to do your own work
Family time is not locked down
  • Spend time with family
  • Bond and communicate
  • Help in daily chores
Responsibilities are not locked down
  • Staying at home is being responsible
  • Taking care of our family
  • Working from home
Love is not locked down
  • Communicate and clear differences
  • Humanity and harmony are the bottom line
  • Feed animals around
  • Help others
Friendship is not locked down
  • Connect with friends
  • Make new friends
  • Prepare a reunion online
  • Follow up with old friends
Meditation is not locked down
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga
  • Exercise
  • Think positive
Creativity is not locked down
  • Learn
  • Create something
  • Cook
  • Gain knowledge
Prayers are not locked down
  • Pray for better times
  • Believe in success
  • Believe in yourself
Hobby is not locked down
  • Practice your hobby
  • Learn something new
  • Explore yourself more
Hopes are not locked down
  • Better times
  • Unity
  • Hope fuels people

Shruti  Kaondal MBA
Manager HR  
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd