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Global Recession

                                                    Blog by Anshu Priya

Recession is the friction excrescenced on the rostrum of world economy.It unfolds with a baggage of descending consumer confidence leading to lost liquidity hence inflation and proliferates surmounting the stock markets, employment and The GDP.
The edifice of the world economy lies on the foundation of The World Bank and The International Monetory Fund.The two fragments play a major role in the upline and retention of world economic growth.
Recession,a general economic slowdown is defined as two consecutive quaters of negative growth in GDP.The Global Recession,in fact, is a decline in annual per capital GDP.
It is ardous to calculate the world economic recession owing to the fact that developing country is expected to have a higher GDP growth than a developed country.When the world output falls below a certain threashold,when GDP falls two quaters in a row and when a panel appointed by each country like the (NBER)  in US identifies,a recession is acknowledged.
According to IMF,a global recession occurs over a cycle lasting between eight and 10 years.Amongst many,the few most effective ways to eradicate recession would be to encourage Trade and commerce, contain inflation and introducing government measures in each country to succumb taxes and interest rates.
Oracles predict the next global recession to be on the skyline .Most effective preventive measures that can cease the loss would be Loosening of Monetary Policy , Expanding fiscal policy and ensuring financial stability.These policies should be undertaken by each country individually to prevent the value of economy throughout and to flourish and strength the immense potential of the capital reserves across the globe.

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