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Urgently Looking for our Start-Ups

We are Urgently Looking for our Start-Ups

1. Graduate Trainee
2. Contents Writing and Blogging
3. Digital Marketing
4. Event Management and Planning
5. Media Relations
6. HR Management / HR Executives
7. Graphic Designing and Software Development
8. Social Media Management
9. Office Management and Administration
10. Business Development
11. Accounts Management
12. Managing Partners
13. Procurement and Logistics
14. Project Management
15. Marketing Management 

Simply comment "Yes" and we will have a look at your LinkedIn profile and let you know what roles you could fit in at present or future Please comment “Yes” and follow our page to follow up with future updates on this

Job Description  :::

We are looking for a Fresh Pioneer to join our team. This position offers an inspirational space to create the next innovation in mobile applications. All Teammembers must be very Creative and Innovative.  Technically Sound. Should Understand the concept Android App and Blog Development and its execution.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a 
eComm Business related degree Ability to work independently 

Able to interact with senior leaders in Engines Business and 

Aerospace organization Demonstrated Academic Excellence
Self-  Motivated and Confident An outstanding communicator both verbally and written (concise,  efficient style) Strong Microsoft Office skills

Ability to work collaboratively with a cross-functional team to 
accomplish measurable improvement

Apply to,


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