How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar Tips and Templates

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar Tips and Templates

Anshika Motwani

It's easy to get swept up in the day-to-day of maintaining numerous social media pages, especially with the relentless influx of new information, news, and ideas. Wendy's and Merriam-Webster, for example, are noted for their swift wit and ability to capitalise on current events.

First, let's review the compelling reasons to invest in this tool, to begin with.

1. Save time by being organized

Your social media marketing priorities are similar to all of the other goals of your day planner in that they need focus and commitment daily. 

2.Post consistently

Whether you're trying to increase your Instagram likes, your YouTube subscribers, or you’ve implemented social media KPIs, the first tip from experts will always be “post consistently”. There’s just no shortcut around it.

3.Make fewer typing errors and also reduce the risk of big mistakes.

Planning your posts ahead of time means that you can build fail-safes into your workflow. Copy-editing the text, fact-checking information, or even vetting it with organisational stakeholders like the legal team or C-suite, are all a lot easier when you’re working days or weeks in advance.

4.Get more ambitious with your social strategies

Long, medium, and short-term promotions, paid and organic, are often run simultaneously by the world's largest social media brands. And those are all the daily posts.

5.Don’t miss out on relevant moments

A social media calendar enables you to keep track of global events that are pertinent to the brand's target audience.

Anshika Motwani 

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