Some True Heart-wrenching stories of women left alone in old age homes

 Some True  Heart-wrenching stories of women left alone in old age homes

Lucky are the ones who have their elder's shadow, unlucky are the ones who have rejected their elders.

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These are the stories of those elderly mothers who, despite having children, have been rejected by them. The mothers who, despite having a home, rely on the help of others. A son who refuses to help and a daughter who ignores them. Desire to play with grandkids is consistently there yet their arms are vacant. 

Hands vacant, eyes open, lips tremble as they ask only one question, “When will you come to meet me?”

1. Harjeet Kaur.

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Age 78, has three children. Children work abroad, son in Canada and daughters in Chicago. After her husband's death, the question came up, if we leave mother at home then who will look after her? Kamla Devi Charitable Trust came as an option.

She has epilepsy as well as other stomach issues. The nurses at the Trust administer her medications and look after her. She leans towards living at the Trust instead of her home where nobody resides. She claims she only visits her house to tidy it as it reminds her of her children. 

Every year during the holidays, her children pay her a visit. She misses her husband and children a lot.

2. Kaishalya Devi.

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Age- 80 years, has one son and five daughters. Kaishalya Devi has lived twenty years alone. Her daughter asked her to go to her son and left her at his house. Kaishalya lived with her son for a year, they gave her food only when she gave ₹1000 per month. Whatever cash she used to get was taken by her child.

Until she gave cash, she was a mother however when she quit giving cash, Kaishalya was beaten by her girl in-law, child and grandson.

She had 60-70 thousand rupees with her, her children asked that she offer it to them however she didn't. They beat her, tore her clothes, and took all her money when she refused to give them money.

She had nowhere to go but die, people stopped her from doing so. Kaishalya lived alone on rent for a while after selling her house. After that she was left in an Ngo by her neighbours. No one came meet her.

3. Virmala Chauhan.

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Age 66 years, has five children, three daughters and two sons. Husband died from brain cancer. “Why do you just say, why don't you leave forever?” her sons asked Virmala after her husband's death. It struck Virmala's heart like an arrow, causing her to flee her home and seek refuge in an Ashram.

They come to visit her at times, according to her it's better this way. She yearns for their love but when it came to her respect she'd chose the latter.

4. Sushila Jain.

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73 year old, has three children- a son and two daughters. Sushila’s daughter-in-law asked, either she will live in the house or Sushila. To maintain peace Sushila left her house and came to live in ashram

She raised her son with all the love and care but was rejected by his wife and left alone. Her daughters doesn't know that she lives in the ashram neither does her son. 

5. Jitendra Kaur.

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70 year old, suffers from memory disorder. Has two sons, one lives in Dubai and the other in Ludhiana. She was removed by her first son after taking all her property.

The younger son told the authorities that after his wife's treatment he would come back to take her mother, but he never came.

6. Vimal Anand.

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Age 80 years, has two children, a son and daughter. She suffers from cerebral atrophy, which has limited the ability of speech and reasoning. Her son is a doctor in America and lives there, it's the reason she was sent to Vardaan senior citizen home. Daughter lives in Delhi, she visits her regularly yet because of her own family she can't live with her mom.

So many of our elderly population are forgotten about or disregarded. One day we will all be where they are. Is this how we will want to be treated?Our elderly deserve to be honoured and respected!

On the off chance that you run into any senior citizen in anguish, you can contact any of the accompanying NGOs for help:

Phone: 6138 1100


Phone: 9436123069


Email: Help@Ashakiranashram.Org

Phone: +91-8700851044


Phone: 9868124124


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