Credit Access to Woman has DOUBLED !

 Credit Access to Woman has DOUBLED ! 


As per Transunion report Between 2017 to 2022 ,  Credit Access to Woman has DOUBLED !  Most important ,  woman business loan tripled in these 5 years 

Definitely this shows the Financial Inclusion a big agenda of country panning out well  where  States like Weat Bengal and Bihar,  leading for these growth 

Could we infer 

1) Woman aspiration picking up and they are voicing it being a formal borrower of the economy 

2) Woman holding premium Credit score so the better probability of Loan approval 

3) More MFI and NBFCs- MFI penetration who funds majorly woman borrowers 

4) More woman rising and empowered to be a scaled entrepreneur with all these scenarios ,the best part we are becoming more inclusive and empowered!

Artee Anshu 

"A Woman of Substance" 

A Mother,  a Banker and Impact Creator in Making

A Banker who striving to create mammoth Impact in Lending Space !

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