Communication can Make or Break a Relationship. (HR)

Communication can Make or Break a Relationship. (HR)

For every individual, it is very important to have good communication skills so as to express the same feeling which he is having and to able to convey the same to others. People often get into misunderstandings because there is lack of communication which may turn out to be a big quarrel and spoil their relations as well. This can be totally avoided with proper communication between one individual to another. Importance of communication is all over starting from our parents the way we talk to them to our bosses in the corporate world. Being an HR it is all the more important in each and every aspect that they deal.

An HR manager should be capable of managing people and have a positive approach towards his subordinates or the employees in the organization. A manager is supposed to create good relations with the employees so as to make the employees also comfortable and not hesitate if they need any kind of help. This would create an employee-friendly environment and that would yield better results in favor of the company.

 Through this manager should also help the employee t work hard and communicate in such a way that they understand and ask them to set their own goals initially and then target to a bigger goal.its all in the hands of an HR how he is able to understand the individual and helping him and guiding him to the path of success.

This can also turn out to a completely opposite way if a manager does not take a proper care of his subordinates then those employees will start developing a negative attitude towards the organization as they are not been given proper facilities nor training and just expect them to work all day and reach their targets. If there is a communication gap between the major roles supervisor and the employee the organization cannot stand on its own, there would be many misunderstandings build up and company may not be reaching its goals.

So I conclude saying that whatever post an HR may be there should not be any kind of inequality shown among the employees and they should be treated and even understand their needs and take proper measures to fulfill their needs. They can take the help of different kinds of communication such as oral communication, written communication in the feedback form, verbal communication, non-verbal communication by their actions and behavior. This will help a company prosper.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

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 By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
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