Tips to Tap Market & obtain better Customer Value.

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Tips to Tap Market & obtain better Customer Value.

There are a number of companies lined up to provide you services. All you need to do is be smart enough to get the best and the most beneficial service. A company now has many links with the other companies so as to run successfully in this fast moving and competitive world there are many partnerships coming up, there are merges happening, some are taking over the firm by buying their shares and what not. All these are done just to capture the customer value in a better way than their competitors. When these organizations are caught in their settlements, we customers should make the most of it. Afterall, we are the ones who are spending money to get the service done so we have every right to put forward our demands and customize our needs and pay for that accordingly. So how do you think you can do that?

Companies are coming up with the share of customer value nowadays as a marketing strategy, here what happens is that a person buys a commodity and will be given a chance or some kind of offers or coupons to buy the other product that could a complementary good or so with the coupons. What we generally do here is we do not pay much attention to these kinds of offers we just have a wrong idea that this is not going to benefit us, but the reality is it actually does. By spending the money on the other commodity of the same company will provide you some points, coupons, or any offers but these in the short run may not be that useful but then in the long this is the best approach to cut down your expenses and get benefitted with the payment of less money and obtaining the value as it is.

In the same way, as above there are companies who are tieing with each other in order to give you the best possible services. This type of concept is called as co-branding, here you get to experience both the brands at a time rather in an explicit manner. Choosing such companies to inorder to get your need satisfied will be the best option, as this can be also said you would be getting the best of both worlds under one shot.

Let's take an example of the two companies that are very well known companies that are uber and Spotify. You may have many other options for the cabs, but then is there any company who will be providing you with the best quality music?Which helps you not get bored while waiting at some places. There may be cabs who may have the music system installed all they do is play the same radio which is done everywhere, here you get a chance to play your own favorite songs and make your playlist and enjoy the ride.

There are many such examples like the Paytm which is helping you to get cash back offers for the purchase of the products such as buy a coca cola product and get free Rs. 10 / Rs. 15 cash back with each product, buy a Pepsodent paste of 86 bucks and you are getting Rs. 25 as a cash back from Paytm, and we can get up to  Rs.75 cashback with the purchase of Devaaya products(poha, maida,suija), 50% cash back with the hide and seek products.

As you can see the above examples you can clearly make a difference how much more you can be benefitted than you are actually having at present. The cash back amount that you will be getting can be used to some other product later and can be used to consume for some other purpose. Are all these facilities possible with the normal cash transactions that you may make every day? I guess the answer is NO, there is no such cash back policy for such thing if you get to inculcate these smart ways of purchasing options you can definitely have the better satisfaction and can experience more benefits.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12


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