Mystery Shopping [Audits ]

Mystery Shopping [Audits ]  is a fascinating method of gauging customer experience where individual is recruited and portray actual customer that shop at a store. It is a form of primary market research that uses quantitative techniques as a mystery shopper usually has to fill out a form rating his experience. Also, feedback is taken from the mystery shoppers which help company to evaluate how close is the actual experience of the customer than the desired one. In mystery shopping, a company’s owner hires a secret shopper and brief them certain checks and also explain about the task to be performed as a secret shopper.
Methods of Conducting Mystery Shopping:
Its main checking is done by visiting the stores but one can also do by these methods:
·        Telephone
·        Website /Social Media
·        Hidden Audio/Video Recording
Importance of Mystery Shopping for Aviation/Travel Industry:
·        Mystery Shopping can be used to great effect in helping to assess the nature and the quality of the experience and the handling of what are often difficult and frustrating interactions for staff and for passengers.
·        As well as general standards of service and communication, the management of passenger expectations, the handling of complaints and the management of difficult customers or groups are just a few of the special areas of attention that are becoming more important in the air line and air travel industry.
·        To increase the loyalty of customers, all the airlines need to know about the quality and where they can improve upon even if there is any slightest detail.
·        Mystery shopping assist in creating improved as well as extended relations with the clientele who are glowing fulfilled.
·        Mystery shopping is an imperative fraction of every industry towards growing its trade as well as client service.
·        The administration is given with the information which is used to recompense the presentation as well as stimulate the workers who are standard as well as provide preparation as well as therapy to the workers who all require the enhancements.
·        It can also monitor upselling and add-on selling activity here appropriate. More in depth studies can reveal opportunities to improve the visitor experience and journey, so as to increase customer and visitor satisfaction, and help maintain and improve brand reputation.
Importance of Mystery Shopping in Fintech Professionals:
·        Limited presentation of mandated financial product information: Sales staff may not always use the required forms and documentation during sales processes. Reasons for doing so may include to hide certain product information from the consumer, because they find the form overly complicated to explain and complete, or not relevant to their sales process.
·        Steering of consumers toward less suitable products: Suitability is a policy approach that requires providers to be responsible for the quality of their advice and product offerings relative to a consumer’s characteristics and financial needs.
·        Fraud and overcharging of consumers:  In Kenya, banking agents skimmed extra revenue and took sensitive account information from aid program beneficiaries cashing out via their debit cards, while food merchants added extra charges onto food items the beneficiaries purchased with their cards.
·        Different information for more experienced consumers: Abusive or uninformed sales practices can hinder access to financial products for base of the pyramid (BoP) consumers, create negative experiences with these products that decrease their likelihood to use financial products and services in the future, and even cause detriment and economic loss to consumers.
·        Classification of the quality of information provided: Researchers identified the most important product information and terms used in each market, as well as reviewed the relevant rules on product disclosure and sales practices. This is done to develop a comprehensive list of key terms that should be mentioned, and measure how many of these points of information were provided for each shopping visit.

Roshni Sachdev [MBA FA]
Manager Fintech  
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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