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   """"" EDUCATION LOAN""''"

Education is the one area that many people, especially Indians, are willing to spend on. Earning a good education is seen as one of the chief aspirations of millions, if not a billion, Indians and it is the one investment that an overwhelming majority of Indian families will agree on! However, a quality education, whether in India or overseas, can also be quite expensive and an education loan is one way of managing the cost.

Education Loan is becoming popular every day as yearly raising in the fee structure.

 All you need is a quality education for your great future. Education is considered as a valuable assest of all you have.

However , Education in premier educational institutes and universities is based on purely merit and some only deserve for it,and in some institutes it is very costly and not easily available to everyone and only a few can afford it.

Thus, education loans are vitally important. So many people apply for educational Loan in banks and financial institutes to pursue their studies for meritorious and deserving students to pursue their higher and basic education in India or aboard.

Almost all banks in India offer education loans, and the demand for it has remained stable with the Indian student community.

                                                                  """'Why Education Loan?"""""

Education is Expensive- It is the insuffient money for your education as it is a matter of instant availability. 
A good education is expensive and the expenses aren’t changing in a predictable curve.
Specialised Help-The extra amount for caution deposits, library fees, building deposits, laboratory fees, hostel fees etc.
 It’s more organized and seamless with an education loan.Widely and Easily Available - Conforming to some basic requirements and confirming your ability to repay the borrowed amount is all it takes to get on-board.Timely Assistance - There is a timely assistance for you to pay your semester fees as sooner as possible.

                                                         """"Features & Benefits of Education Loans:""""

When it comes to a complete education loan, the features and benefits offered are the designated deal makers. Commonly, the following conveniences are offered as part of the education loan-

Universally available. Anyone with a will to study can apply.Education loans are provided to pursue all types of academic courses, in India and abroad. The courses include graduation, post-graduation, vocational courses and other certificate courses.Loan amounts can vary from a minimum of Rs.10 lakhs to a maximum of Rs.15 lakhs. 
For education abroad, banks will provide loans to the quantum of Rs.20 lakhs.The applicant’s annual family income and the course pursued are primary determinants for the applicable loan amount.
Usually, female students are offered discounts and/or lower interest rates when it comes to education loans.Government sponsored subsidy schemes, such as ‘Central Scheme to provide Interest subsidy (CSIS)’ help students from the economically backward sections of society avail the benefits of a robust loan for education.The applicant need not repay the borrowed amount immediately. Post the completion of the course, the repayment tenure can stretch upto 5-7 years.Generally, loans below Rs.4 lakhs do not require a security or guarantor.

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