Sounds Similar ? They aren't Same Physical property Vs Intellectual Property

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Sounds Similar  ?  They aren't Same !

Physical property 
Intellectual Property 

I own this house.This is my car.That book belongs to me.That music set is mine.

I have a story to make a movie.I have an idea to paint down.I have a concept to be penned down. 

This is some general connotations that we often hear.But which is a physical property and which an Intellectual property often is quite confusing for the common man.

Physical property refers to any tangible thing that we own.Like I bought a TV set from the market, I bought a T-shirt from a shopping mall.

Intellectual Property refers to any idea that has evolved through it intellect that might later take the shape of a physical property but carrying the intellectual property rights.

So basically we can say all intellectual property take the shape of a physical property but all the physical property that you possess might not have intellectual property rights.For example, you have a plot for writing a story, you cannot have that plot or idea get the tag of intellectual property right unless and until you pen down it or record your voice or through any such means because no one can read your mind so that you have a copyright over that.So you have to get that converted into a tangible object to get registered under intellectual property right.

Whereas on the other hand, suppose you buy an LG tv set or a Chetan Bhagat book or a Banarasi silk saree.We can definitely use them for ourselves but we cannot sell or lend those products for commercial purpose and earn out of the same until the Trademark, Copyright and Geographical Indication of those products expire from those companies, authors, and producers of the same.

We should always remember it is just the owner of the property who has been entitled to use, sell and even can damage his own property whereas the one who is in authenticated possession of the same has only the right to use and not to sell it for commercial purpose or damage it.


Akankhya Kabi

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Sounds similar?They aren't same!

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