Virtual Investment

Virtual Investment

Who doesn't wants an everlasting income with minimal efforts? Everyone, each and every individual in this world has an urge to earn extra income to live a satisfactory life. So,  what about earning by just spreading your knowledge amd by investing less time and efforts.

Intellectual property rights, that is the discoveries, formulas, inventions, knowledge, registered designs, software, and works of artistic, literary in nature that is readily tradable under certain preserved rights of the owner. IP is becoming a new type of investment for the people who want to work with ease or for the ones who want to earn extra income. 

IP is a virtual investment which has so many advantages to offer; with better control and engaged profit it boosts the morale of the owner and encourages him to produce more. IP enables people to follow their passion by earning through what they like to do. IP is not physical in nature, these are intangible assets that a person owns.
Big companies are also adopting IP as an investment option as an defensive act against potential customers which helps increase a company's market value and improve future profitability. Even,  expectations for future profit may be considerably affected by the acquisition of key patents. 

Most importantly investments in any physical tangible asset requires higher maintainence costs, that means huge future expenditures. Even if considered in this sense,  the Intellectual Property of an individual turns out to be of a great profit without any worries of future expenditures or costs. What you earn out of it totally belongs to you without any expenses on your asset. 

Intellectual Property (IP) systems can be critical in helping new ventures transform their innovation potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. Intellectual Property rights (IPR) allow innovative entrepreneurs to protect their inventions. They may also have multiple other functions, accessing knowledge markets and networks, and preventing rivals from patenting related inventions. Though physical property is much prevalent but IP gives you much ease and convenience to invest and earn.

Therefore IP could be used for an investment venture successfully, and moreover helps you to promote your work and preserve against any threat of steal or copying. Intellectual property thus helps an individual to grow with ease and built an independent work for himself. 

Given below are examples of how one can invest in Intellectual property rights-

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