How to Create RD in ICICI Bank

 How to Create RD in ICICI Bank?
1.Log in to your online ICICI Net banking Account.

2.Go to “My Account” and Choose Deposit.

3.By clicking on the “Deposit” You will found a new page

4.Click on the “Open RD”

5.The next page will take you to Following Details on the page

·     Amount of  Deposit
·     Investment period
·     Choose Tenure in Days
·     Day of Month When Installment to be debited
·     Debit Account

Once All this details are Filled,click on submit
Next page will show you the details you have entered. Once you are satisfied with the details,click on submit
The next screen will give you the confirmation of your transaction. The confirmation screen will have the account  number of your transaction. Note it for your future reference. 
This will also Show you Invested amount and Maturity amount

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